Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Art Journal Challenge

I've been taking part in an Art Journal Challenge recently - here are a few of my pieces.

This was Crown

This was - Feet

Markers then Play and then Stamps

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Two Pairs of Jeans and a Gigging Shirt

Recently my son gave me two pairs of his old jeans and a shirt he loved wearing when gigging, and asked me to make him a new quilt as the one I made him for the Millennium (The Millennium Quilt - which has a wonderful story of it's own) was showing signs of wear and he didn't want it to wear out.
Anyway, I've just finished his new quilt 'Two Pairs of Jeans and a Gigging Shirt'

I really enjoyed working on it. It's quite organic and proudly shows the signs of wear on the jeans, lots of big bold stitching and inside out seams. I kept some of the pockets whole from both the jeans and the shirt - it's the first quilt I've made with pockets in!

As Craig plays both acoustic and bass guitars I printed out actual pictures of his guitars to use as templates for the appliqué guitars.  After I had finished the quilt I decided the appliqué shapes needed some hand stitching around them - so I had to finish it twice.

As always it's hard letting go of a piece of work I've spent so much time with - I'd watched it grow and evolve.  I love how they seem to take on a life of their own and tell you what is needed next, the vision I had in my minds eye is usually just a starting point. And that for me is what makes quilt making so exciting. I enjoy changing my mind as my work grows.

I remember years ago teaching my young granddaughter to knit. She probably had about 14 stitches on her needles.  She had managed to knit about 10 rows. And she said 'This is so exciting,  I wonder what it's going to be? '.
I laughed at the time.  But now I can see how right she was. When I started Two Pairs of Jeans and a Gigging Shirt I was excited and I had no idea just how it would evolve.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Late July...

Oh dear....I've been so good all year getting my Contemporary Challenge quilt finished each month on time.
But for some reason July took me two months. I've just finished it this morning.

Not sure why this was, because since finishing July this morning - I've almost completed August!!!
The above picture is a 'cropped' section of the 8" Quilt.
The fabric itself is a piece of Deborah O'hare's hand painted fabric. 

As you can see, I'm continuing exploring the possibilities from this picture..
  Which also inspired my June piece of work.
Who'd have thought I'd get so much work out of such a simple scene. 

 I marked out the 8" square and started hand stitching from the bottom up. 
  Using different colours and either one or two strands of embroidery thread.
I decided to just put some highlight stitching onto the sky.
Added seven birds in flight (odd numbers are always good)
And I'm done.  And how do I feel about this piece - it's OK'ish.....But I'm now champing at the bit ready to  August finished.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Stamping thru stencils - Reflections

I had a lovely play day with Serge Ahead this month.

Do you remember this picture I took at Aberavon Beach?
And this machine needlefelted piece I was inspired to make from it?

Well, the inspiration continues...
And I have been busy stamping through  a stencil I made of my picture
And stamping onto the background as well....
 Here are some of the lovely Colouricious wooden printing blocks I've used.
 Next, I need to add some stitching.
Have you got any ideas of what, when and where I should stitch?
Thanks, Joy

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Flower Power

I decided to really get to grips with making machine needlefelted flowers yesterday....
And here are the results of my labours:
Not a bad bunch of flowers even if I do say so myself!
The most difficult part for me was cutting out the circles!
I was folding my fabrics into four cutting an arc across the top and I kept getting ovals......
Hence the blue one in the middle of the top row below is hidden slightly under the lavender one next to it. 
That middle flower is definitely not a circle!  
Anyway - I kept on trying and eventually circles appeared.
I thought it best to make quite a few to get the 
technique embedded into my brain cells!
  They are really quick and simple to make up
(if you start with a circle shape)
I'd read how to make these flowers and had mixed
results working on my own.

Jennie Rayment was showing how to make flowers
while trying to sell the Simplicity Needlefelting Maching.
I taped the episode and watched Jennie making them over and over -
'till I got it! 
The above is a piece of silk fabric (doubled) and simply
passed through the needle felting machine.
(another thing Jennie has showed us)
How good is that?

I'm all flowered out at the moment so next 'play day' I'll be
playing with silk on my much loved Simplicity Needlefelting Machine.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014


So excited just finished my June contemporary quilt challenge (May got put to one side because I became so excited with June).

Again it's made using my felting machine to create the base layers. Which I've covered with wool roving.

 Here is was with just the wool roving felted onto the background
(colours on these pics a bit muted)

Then I began hand stitching on the 'waves'

Then the 'ripples' at the tides edge
 And Finally the bird and his refelection in the waters edge.
As you can see I've stitched this piece onto some wadding/batting/

And all inspired by some pictures I took down Aberavon Beach, Port Talbot

Hope you like
I'm thrilled with my little creation! 


Monday, 28 April 2014

Headless Sheep

I've been working on this months - April's - Contemporary Quilt Group's Challenge
with The Quilters Guild of the British Isles.

I began by making some headless sheep
using water soluble plastic and freemotion stitching.

Being a bit scared of getting their heads wrong
I decided to make their heads later out of felt

Then I machine embellished wool roving onto a felt background
and added some wool to create the path and wall.
I hand stitched and felted yellow flowers,
Some grasses
Swirly clouds and mountain trees
Backed with a lovely grey wool fabric
which I turned over to the front of the work as a self binding.
Finally, I used a variegated thread to create a quilting stitch along the binding. 

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the felt and wool 
I'm going to explore these further.